Cheeky, Sexy, Stunning, Gorgeous, Glamourous


Born in London, UK, Abi holds a BA Hons in Theatre Arts and a Master of Arts in Drama Studies.Abi trained as a Royal Ballet junior dancer, moving on to Contemporary Dance and eventually Circus Arts at Circomedia, Bristol (UK).Abi performed her first solo street theatre show, Fire On The Nile in 1995. This show has toured throughout Northern Europe and Australia, where Abi was a two-time winner of the Campus Activities Victoria, “Best Street Performer” award for Fire On The Nile.Une Femme Exposée is her second major solo work for the street. The work was developed with the assistance of Espace Catastophe, Brussels, during the Atelier Création Pour Rue in May 2005.


Descending from Arabian aristocracy, and a trained belly dancer, Ayesha embodies all things exotic and opulent to bring you her elegantly choreographed and invariably unique routines. Behold her twisted grandeur and become enveloped in her enchanting displays of poise. Ayesha has a love of all things burlesque, vaudeville and circus oriented, with influences ranging from Parisian showgirls, and temptresses from the pages of classical mythology and poetry, to the Marquis de Sade, Salvador Dali and Shakespeare.


Bettise Bon Bon is one of London’s leading showgirls. Unashamedly addicted to rhinestones and Glitter, this bombshell travels the world with her unique blend of sexiness and fun. Known as the Mistress of Seduction, this curvaceous temptress will bump and grind straight into your hearts.


Glaswegian born Beau is reminiscent of a Vargas pin-up girl with a cute sass, flirty smile and an unmistakably naughty sparkle in her eye. Her stage persona combines glamour with a heart-warming pinch of girl next door calamity… but don’t let her angelic features fool you as she has been known to make both men and women blush with a well-timed wink and bump of her hip!

Her foray into publicly peeling began in 2006 with the north east based troop – Club Boudoir – where she refined her bumping, grinding and all out booty shaking.


Trained-concert pianist, actress, model and one of burlesque’s most-renowned stars, her routines are as skilful as they stunning and seductive.

Her costumes are bespoke, and often sponsored by luxury designers such as Loveday London, Bordelle and Frou Frou Feathers, featuring thousands of genuine Swarovski® crystals. Finished with perfectly co-ordinating accessories and shoes by designers such as Jimmy Choo and Giacomo Lorenzi.


“Chastity Belt – Chanteuse, Compére and all round good egg. She is the thinking man’s crumpet and the crumpet man’s thinker.

As her name suggests, she can belt with the best of them and can be found doing so in some of the top cabaret venues in London and around the country.
However, despite her name, this part time feminist is rarely chaste. Like every modern woman she extols the virtues of forward thinking and gin drinking, but will happily drop it all for a prospective husband with a beard and strong shoulders.


Dave The Bear? More like Dave The Legend… This performer has been wowing burlesque crowds worldwide for the past 5 years. A former member of both Bearlesque and The Cubs, Dave, very much like Beyonce decided to go solo and just got more and more awesome. You can also regularly catch Dave on TV on shows such as 8 Out of 10 Cats and the one he is most proud of, Embarrassing Bodies.”The Miley Cyrus of the Bear Scene” QX Magazine “Marvellously funny and wickedly cheeky” Attitude Magazine “Epically Entertaining” Burlesque Bible


Helen Orford has been a professional performer since the age of eight, touring all over Europe to amaze audiences of all sizes with her unique acts. Helen achieved a first class BA(Hons) degree in Circus Arts specialising in Hula Hoops at The Circus Space. Helen Orford performs tricks the likes of which you will have never seen before and have to see with your own eyes to believe! She spins many LED glowing hula hoops on all parts of her body at the same time creating a mind-blowing display of light and movement combined, and spins hoops at the fastest speeds imaginable culminating in spinning a massive 50 hula hoops at the same time!


Joe Morose, the dandy prince of cabaret, is one of Proud’s resident comperes. The bastard lovechild of Peter Pan and Dot Cotton, he has the body of a child and the mind of a gin addled old lady. Outside of his home at Proud, Joe has performed in Cabarets at numerous venues across London, including The Hippodrome, Madame JoJo’s and The Kaff Bar. When not in dark rooms with semi-naked people, Joe is an actor, director, composer and writer. He has performed, directed and musically directed in theatres all over the country and on London’s west end.


Trained at London’s Circus Space with a speciality in Hand-Balancing, Jonathan tantalizes crowds with his dazzling displays of strength, agility and control in his journey as a rising star of the cirque-cabaret scene. From acrobatic gymnastics through to old-fashioned slapstick, our very own Mr Finch has a performance style celebrating the best of old fashioned entertainment combined with stunning modern circus technique. His shows will have you on the edge of your seat- but don’t try this at home!


Award-winning Burlesque artist Jolie Papillon is one Europe’s most highly skilled burlesque stars. An exquisite dancer, choreographer and pin-up model, Jolie trained in dance and singing at one of Italy’s top theatre academy’s before making her mark on the glamorous world of burlesque. A petite, dark-eyed, powerhouse, she manages to combine the tease and sensuality of burlesque with real theatricality, skill and intelligence


Michael Standen is a recent graduate from The National Centre of Circus Arts. Handbalancing and being a national gymnast he uses his skills to tease and tantalite the audience. Armed with a wink and a smile, this cheeky chap will sure to steal a kiss from any unsuspecting audience member.Nimble and dynamic, Michael contorts his body and uses his acrobatic ability to leave audiences with their eyes (and sometimes mouths) wide open. Michael has performed his routines internationally for audiences and crowds, and had performed for her majesty on the Centennial Royal Variety show 2012.


Betsy has graced the most glamorous of stages, starred in two runs of West End show The Hurly Burly Show, and appeared in feature films, music videos, film premieres, Television dramas and Television commercials. Betsy has teased no less than the British Royal family, Italian Mafia, the Grand Prix elite, Cointreau and Givenchy to name a few, and featured in French Vogue, Italian Playboy, ID, Harpers Bazaar and Time Out. Not just a classic beauty, but a trained professional dancer too. Betsy has proudly performed for Proud cabaret since the moment the fabulous doors were opened and the curtain went up 5 years ago.


An INTERNATIONAL Burlesque Siren, and one of London’s most sought after cabaret stars, Missy has captivated audiences across the world with her hypnotic burlesque performances – from the absinthe salons of PARIS and baroque theatres of Milan, to the cirque-carnivals of Australia, and theGEISHA district of Kyoto, Japan. This formidable femme fatale has showcased in prestigious burlesque revues and high-end cabarets, as well as for private clients including The Serpentine Gallery, Hollywood producers Ridley Scott Associates, and British Royalty. Missy’s burlesque and FIRE shows range from intoxicating EXOTICA, vaudevillian FREAKSHOW and SNAKE-CHARMING, to old-fashioned elegance & CLASSIC BURLESQUE.


Miss Noire uses all the talents in her little naughty tool box to bring sexy, funny and quirky characters to the world of burlesque . A trained dancer and professional actress with a love of all things cabaret she has travelled the globe entertaining and has even been on the telly!! Her credits include Volupte, Café de Paris, The Box, Hackney Empire and VIP Rooms (Paris) to name but a few.
Miss Noire prides herself on making her audience giggle, scream and shout while she shakes her caboose and removes her clothes in style! An all-round entertainer – this one is strictly for the adults.


Since quitting the pop music scene Paul has gained a favourable reputation as a classic Swing singer all over the UK, Europe and California and has enjoyed many nights appearing for Proud Brighton Ballroom as compere of the famous Speakeasy nights. With hit records, videos, TV and radio appearances worldwide he has also appeared as an actor alongside the cream of British talent in the hit show Cranford as well as his one handed performance as Richard O’Briens ‘Mephistopheles Smith’ at Edinburgh Fringe among other notable roles.


Ruby Deshabillé can whip her audiences into a frenzy or send them into a trance and always, always leaves them wanting more. Before she even knew what Burlesque was, Ruby had a fascination with all things theatrical and fabulous, feathered and glittered, exotic and sensual.Inspired by the classic splendour of early 20th century film stars such as Rita Hayworth and Gene Tierney, the grand opulence of Victorian and Gothic architecture and the delicate beauty of nature itself, Ruby’s performances lure you into another world altogether. Deshabille ~ noun 1. the state of being only partly dressed.


Sophia St. Villier – the flame haired burlesque artist with the looks of a Golden Age Hollywood Star and the body of a pinup goddess (5’10”, 37”, 26”, 37”)— has a variety of opulent vintage burlesque acts with exquisite bespoke costumes. Sophia has performed for at Playboy Club London’s 1st Birthday alongside Professor Green, for Sky Atlantic for the Boardwalk Empire launch, at House and Lost director Greg Yaitanes’ wedding in France and at Hampton Court Palace. Come and see Sophia’s elegant, spell-binding acts at Proud Cabaret and see for yourself why she is known as the real-life Jessica Rabbit!


Vicious Delicious is a compere, comedian and cabaret extraordinaire. She has performed all over the globe, from Tuffnell park to Clapham and beyond. She has won many competitions for her stand-up comedy, awarding her fantastic prizes, and is now one of the most celebrated compere’s on the scene. Since beginning her cabaret career with critically acclaimed troupe The Kitten Club, with whom she had 3 west end runs and many TV appearances, she now has her own sell-out show ‘Liberte Egalite Fraternite’ and her career goes from strength to strength.


Lilian Lake is like a Mojito, tall, fresh with a little kick of sweet naughtiness!”
Cabaret Host and Burlesque Artiste, Lilian was the winner of Mrs Proud 2015! She joined us after beating off the competition at our annual Burlesque competition down at Proud Brighton. Find her performing at all 3 of our venues – she leaves a little glitter wherever she goes!


Reminiscent of a time when a dropped glove and a meaningful look could send pulses racing, Felicity Furore is inspired by the golden age of burlesque: cheeky yet innocent, glamorous yet scandalous, sweet yet ferocious. Her trademark style oozes showgirl glamour, blending traditional striptease, fun characters and pure entertainment into high-energy and entirely unforgettable performances. Chosen as one of 3 outstanding newcomers to be showcased by 21st Century Burlesque, Felicity quickly made her name for herself, performing around the UK and abroad.


Didi Derrière is an award winning Burlesque artist and has done nothing less than impress since she exploded onto the scene. This blonde bombshell is a professionally trained dancer who’s sure to tantalize and tease any audience she encounters. With the look of a young Madonna this blue eyed beauty brings a theatrical, jazzy twist to a classic style of burlesque. Didi’s Burlesque acts are full of clever choreography and executed with dynamic detail. Her shows are not to be missed! This showgirl is show-stopping!”